the journey towards balance

The journey to more balanced life is an ongoing commitment
May 2024

And just like that the mid point of 2024 is nearly here. 

For me so far it has been a year of holding space for others, via trainings and retreats and it has been magical. So many of my 200hr ytt graduates are already teaching classes! I’m so proud of them all. 

There is a new mini training on a horizon too! If you have been teaching for a while or perhaps just graduated and need a bit more inspiration on how to sequence classes this will be perfect! Running just over a weekend – a 20hr CPD in September 2024 – exact details to follow. 

And after returning from my recent retreat I’ve craved a slower pace, a least for a while.. with a bit more time for reading and my own yoga practice, and I’ve been enjoying local nature walks and foraging for the abundant herbs and flowers  –  elderflower cordial recipe for you below. 


The best medicine is free 

Nature is here to support and heal us. I’m currently reading a book titled In the House of the Moon – Reclaiming the feminine spirit of healing – and this quote really stood out:

‘The earth forgives all. She is the unchanging centre, the tranquil core around which all life and movement revolves. She grounds our being, feeds our bodies and nourishes our souls. Even when we deeply wound her, she heals herself and continues to provide’ 

And earth is now fully alive and full of goodness for us to pick. Spending time outdoors is both grounding, but can be productive too!
If you are new to foraging start with fresh nettle tops for a delicious and detoxifying tea, or elderflower heads for a cordial. Here’s a super simple recipe to try at home.

30 elderflower heads 
3 pints of water 
900g caster sugar 
50g citric acid (needs to be food grade, you can get it online – it’s optional but will preserve the cordial for longer)
2 unwaxed oranges
3 unwaxed lemons 

Get a big pot, add sugar and 3 pints of boiling water to dissolve the sugar fully, wait for the water to cool down. Gently rinse your elderflowers. Add citric acid, sliced lemons and oranges to the cool water with dissolved sugar. Add the flowers and stir everything together – place the pot in the fridge for 24hrs, after sieve with a linen cloth to get a smooth liquid – pour your cordial into sterilised glass bottles and keep in the fridge.
 Enjoy with a glass of sparkling water! 

Summer Solstice invite 

On Sat 15th June 4-6pm at YH Catford I’ll be collaborating with Patricia to officially welcome the Summer season. 

Embark on a journey through the senses as we delve into the transformative energy of Solstice. ✨

Nourishing practice of Yin Yoga infused with Essential Oils led by Patricia, a heart-opening Cacao Ceremony, and the sounds of my Alchemy Bowls to wash over you, transporting you to a state of blissful serenity.

Together, we’ll create a sacred space for deep relaxation and profound healing.

Book your space HERE

And if you can’t join us in person I’m bringing once a month online Yin & Alchemy Bowls with next date on 7th June 6.30pm – join HERE

Create your magic!
Kasia x

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