Winter A L C H E M Y bowls (21min)


Alchemy Bowl Sound Bath for cosy days & nights in. Headphones recommended.

Sound healing uses vibrational frequencies of Alchemy Bowls, inviting the possibility of clearing, balancing and cleansing on a deeper meditative level. The bowls are made of high grade quartz crystals, infused with precious gems and minerals. Each having a unique vibration, sound and benefit. The angelic sound of the bowls helps us reach new states of mind, Alpha – meditative relaxed state and Theta – dreaming, visions, where new realities can be created.

Bowls used in this recording: Aqua Aura Gold C# (shifting, cleansing and activating upper chakras), Platinum Laughing Buddha D# (stimulating the Divine Feminine relieving stress and depression, a super harmoniser/balancer, grounding radiating love and compassion), Andara F# (heart centre - activating the heart and burning away any obstacles that keep us from living fully in your heart presence), Labradorite G# (zeal point - facilitating the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought, expanding psychic abilities, strengthening our auric field), Grandfather Alchemy A# (pineal gland - connecting and grounding with Earth's elemental kingdom and ancestral wisdom of a Grandfather), plus Fire, Earth, Water and Air Koshi Chimes.