Goddess practice - a bundle of 4 flows dedicated to 4 Vedic Goddesses. Comes with a playlist. Call upon the Goddess that resonates with your heart. Enjoy.

Durga Flow  - steady, strong, wise, powerful, supreme Goddess. The warrior, the mother who is fierce but graceful and just. She doesn't give up and comes to those in crisis, call upon her guidance. This flow is strong but steady and grounding.

Kali Flow - Kali comes with wild fire and fierce energy allowing transformation and rebirth. She's the death of ego - a violent force that sweeps away old ways in order for something new to be reborn. Sometimes the way through Kali's fire is utter surrender. Fire igniting flow, with twists and fun transitions.

Saraswati Flow - a Goddess of sound, language, creativity, speaking your truth.. her name means the flowing one she is the Goddess of the sacred river. Flow with hip focus, inviting creativity to come.

Lakshmi Flow - the Goddess of beauty,  abundance, radiant love, fortune and generosity.. she carries the inner qualities that make life lovely ~ love, harmony, kindness. This flow is centred around the heart space. When we have Lakshmi, we have everything inner and outer for a beautiful life.

Jai Ma!