Yoga + Alchemy Bowls

Y I N + A L C H E M Y (60min)

A grounding, slow paced yin class.

Aimed to soothe the nervous system and restore balance through longer held poses and stretches.

Working with energy pathways, elements and the sound of alchemy crystal bowls.

Unwind, restore and rejuvenate with this open level class.

Winter A L C H E M Y bowls (21min)

Alchemy Bowl Sound Bath for cosy days & nights in. Headphones recommended.

Sound healing uses vibrational frequencies of Alchemy Bowls, inviting the possibility of clearing, balancing and cleansing on a deeper meditative level. The bowls are made of high grade quartz crystals, infused with precious gems and minerals. Each having a unique vibration, sound and benefit. The angelic sound of the bowls helps us reach new states of mind, Alpha – meditative relaxed state and Theta – dreaming, visions, where new realities can be created.

Bowls used in this recording: Aqua Aura Gold C# (shifting, cleansing and activating upper chakras), Platinum Laughing Buddha D# (stimulating the Divine Feminine relieving stress and depression, a super harmoniser/balancer, grounding radiating love and compassion), Andara F# (heart centre – activating the heart and burning away any obstacles that keep us from living fully in your heart presence), Labradorite G# (zeal point – facilitating the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought, expanding psychic abilities, strengthening our auric field), Grandfather Alchemy A# (pineal gland – connecting and grounding with Earth’s elemental kingdom and ancestral wisdom of a Grandfather), plus Fire, Earth, Water and Air Koshi Chimes.