Yoga + Alchemy Bowls

A I R (60mins)

Be like air – free, expansive, light. Let go of what weighs you down.

Open your heart space ANAHATA with this fluid flow, connecting to the element of AIR. We will work on backbends and front body opening.

Dynamic and creative class to make you feel wonderful. Enjoy x

new F I R E (60min)

Greet the FIRE that lives in your heart. A fluid flow to make you feel good and to let go of worries and stress. Dynamic class with twists and core activation, tapping into the inner strength that lives inside you.

Class open to all levels, but dynamic pace. enjoy

MUDRA FLOW (60min)

Mudras translate to seals or locks and are gestures/ yoga of the hands. It’s believed that by placing the hands in these locks, yogis are moving energy within the body where yoga postures can’t reach.

An open level flow exploring some of the MUDRAS and postures to shift your energy to feel good.

Soothe SOUND BATH (13min)

A chance to unwind and relax with this soothing Alchemy Bowl Sound Bath, headphones recommended.

Give yourself a moment to slow down and enjoy the angelic sound and vibrations of the bowls and koshi chimes.


Feel good Vinyasa combined with slower stretches, for finding moments of connection to body and mind. Open to all levels, always with lots of variations to suit your practice.

E A R T H (60min)

A dynamic class that flows through the elements – balancing, grounding Earth flow, connecting to the body and breath.

The Earth is steady, nourishing and stable.

 Expect to feel grounded and balanced.

Remember you are Earth – grow, build, give.

Open to all levels.

F I R E (60min)

A circular flow igniting the inner fire through twists and core activation postures.

When the fire is strong we dare to live our dreams and be out there in the world doing what we believe in, living aligned with who we are.

A dynamic class that flows through the elements.

Expect to feel energised and connected.

Open to all levels.

W A T E R (60min)

A circular flow, designed to add more fluidity and softness in the body. Working with hip and groin opening and strengthening postures. Connect to your creativity and emotions.

‘Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.’

Y I N + A L C H E M Y (60min)

A grounding, slow paced yin class.

Aimed to soothe the nervous system and restore balance through longer held poses and stretches.

Working with energy pathways, elements and the sound of alchemy crystal bowls.

Unwind, restore and rejuvenate with this open level class.