- The magic of Alchemy Bowls -

Kasia Blackwell - Alchemy Bowls

We are constantly interacting with the world around us through our energy waves. We are the vibration and the environment around us vibrates and constantly interacts.

Alchemy Bowls with their sound can weave their magic into our lives. Our entire human body responds and resonates with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal. Sound healing uses vibrational frequencies of Alchemy Bowls, inviting the possibility of clearing, balancing and cleansing on a deeper meditative level.

The bowls are made of high grade quartz crystals, infused with precious gems and minerals. Each having a unique vibration, sound and benefit. The angelic sound of the bowls helps us reach new states of mind, Alpha – meditative relaxed state and Theta – dreaming, visions, where new realities can be created.

Join me for a live sound session. Sound sessions are a passive experience and only require you to make yourself comfortable, connecting to the vibration of your breath, your heartbeat and Alchemy Bowls.


SPECIAL SOUND BATH  – Sat 26th Nov YH Catford 5-6.30pm with Kasia & Alice combining the sound of 11 Alchemy Crystal bowls – don’t mist it.

* please check the t&cs to make sure it’s safe for you to attend

Kasia Blackwell - Alchemy Bowls

"Everything in life is a vibration."

- Albert Einstein